Parent Advocacy Network

Become a public policy advocate for school choice. Help get the financial support you and others need to access the best education opportunities for your children.

Tax payers who choose non-public education pay twice for education, once in taxes and once in tuition. School choice initiatives empower parents, providing them with the financial means to send their children to the public, charter or private school that best meets their needs. School choice demands that all schools—public or private—offer the best education possible.


The legislature is currently considering three initiatives (bundled together in the current “Trilogy bill”) that could help families who chose to send their children to non-public schools. They include:

1. expanding the existing tax credits for low to moderate income parents whose children attend non-public schools

2. creating new tax credits for individuals and organizations who give to organizations that provide scholarships for students to attend non-public schools

3. creating enrollment options scholarships (vouchers) for students to escape under-performing schools

Advocating for what’s best for Minnesota children is part of our Catholic social teaching of subsidiarity.

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