Marriage and Family

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“Every social model that intends to serve the good of man must not overlook the centrality and social responsibility of the family.”

Familiaris Consortio, 45

“The family contributes to the social good in an eminent fashion through responsible motherhood and fatherhood, the spouses’ special participation in God’s work for creation.”

Gaudium et Spes, 50


Marriage and family life is the basic unit of every society. A society is only as healthy, as stable, as energetic, and as imbued with moral values as its families. Take stable families away and Minnesota’s source of responsible citizens begins to dry up.

Both Church and state must link efforts to promote healthy marriages and family life. We support public policies that edify the importance of mothers and fathers in society, and their distinct tasks in raising and nurturing healthy children.

Additionally, we seek to educate Catholics on the fullness of marital love by providing resources for strengthening marriages and families in the home, and at the parish and community level. When we have a better understanding of marital love, we see more clearly the nature of authentic social justice and what public policy, on whatever issue, we can and cannot faithfully support.



Marriage Redefinition